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Create Professional Chiropractor Facebook Ads For Your Clinic

We have created dozens of chiropractor Facebook ads campaigns and would love to share our expertise so you can hit the ground running when creating your own. Facebook ad strategy differs significantly from industry to industry, and from practice to practice. Since we have not had a chance to get personalized with your chiropractic office, we will share what works best as a whole for chiropractors we have worked with.

Generally speaking, you want to envision yourself as a potential client who knows nothing about you, casually scrolling down their Facebook feed, most likely trying to pass some time. Your ad has to be worth a prospect’s time for them to engage. What would get YOU to click on that ad? If it's not engaging to you, it is especially not going to resonate with someone who doesn't know the value your clinic provides. Before you continue reading you can browse your competitor’s ads for some background and inspiration in the Facebook Ad Library. Here are the best practices and strategies most relevant to chiropractors:

Chiropractor Facebook Ads and marketing
Chiropractor Facebook Ads Desktop

Create an Offer Your Clients Cannot Resist

Think of the lifetime value of one of your patients. You do not have to be profitable on the first visit. A very attractive offer can get a client in the door, and you are much more equipped to up-sell your services in person and after they have experienced your care. The offer must also convey moderate urgency, however do not over sell. Here are some of the top offers that have worked for dozens our clients:

$21 Adjustment (Only 18 More Vouchers Available)

This offer attracts those who have never considered an adjustment before, already get service from one of your competitors, and those who have been considering coming into an office, but price has been a deterrent. It can be all it takes to turn someone completely unfamiliar with your brand into a lifelong client.

Free Examination and X-rays

Those concerned about pain or have had discomfort hindering them for some time, who have not addressed their problem love this offer. It is almost guaranteed once they come in for an examination they can benefit from your service. Another way to invest in a successful long term strategy.

Offers specific to a demographic (Golfers, baseball players, office workers)

Create chiropractor Facebook ads that connect with your potential clients through an interest, activity, or lifestyle. This could mention neck issues common in golfers for example. Then you follow with a service you offer that caters to common golfers' chiropractic needs

Seminar on Chiropractic Health

This option presents you as an expert in your community and builds brand awareness. It is especially great if you have already built a social following and can distribute the to your current viewers. This does not have to be an in-person event. You can do this on Zoom or Facebook Live, and then use this as material to run ads with.

Craft Engaging Creative

The text and images you use in your advertising are the only reference your potential clients have to get to know your business in the moment your ad is viewed. This is where you need to go back to putting yourself in the shoes of an average Facebook scroller and think "what would I have to see right now that would grab my attention and make me take action". Here are the most effective mediums for chiropractor ads:

Chiropractor Facebook Ads and marketing on mobile devices
Chiropractor Facebook Mobile Ads


If a picture says a 1000 worlds, imagine how much impact a video can have. Create infomercials about your specific goal for that ad, nothing generic to your office. For example, talk about the complications associated with baseball, and follow with how your office can uniquely benefit someone who plays the sport with your treatment. Then include a valuable offer to get them in the door. Finally sum it all up in a compelling headline that gets the point across without the need to click play.


Create a compilation of images that tell a story in relation to your offer. If the offer is $18 adjustments, you may want to highlight the key benefits of an adjustment in 4-5 slides. Each slide gives you an option to insert a headline, it is important to be clear and concise, your are limited in character count.

Single Image

Although this is the least effective method in our experience, it is a great option if you are limited on time and resources. This allows you to get an add out quickly and start generating impressions right away. The image you choose must be compelling, since this is all your viewers have to go off of before making the next click. The best images show your office staff having a great time or a visual that demonstrates your service. Having the offer in the image helps a lot. The headline also holds much more value here because it is completely responsible for getting your offer's purpose across. So make it compelling.

Valuable Landing Pages

The destination is more important than the journey. You get charged every time a potential client clicks on your ad. If you have a beautiful ad that takes prospects to a landing page with no value, you are wasting ad dollars. There are two great options to ensure you do not lose your leads after the first click.

Chiropractor Facebook Ads and marketing landing page creation
Chiropractor Facebook Ads Landing Pages

Custom Landing Page

You or your developer make a landing page that is specific to your offer. Do not be too intrusive. The first page does not necessarily have to be a lead form. This may be a good time to put in that commercial about what makes your office unique. You want to make it easy for the potential lead to navigate to your lead form with the newly acquired knowledge of your business they receive through your ad the landing page.

Facebook Native Lead Gen Forms

Limited on time and resources? Need something to start testing? Native forms are a great way to get your foot in the door to advertising without having to create an entire new landing page. As soon as a prospect clicks your ad, they are taken to a firm where they can immediately book with you. The drawback here is that you lose the opportunity to show more about your brand and demonstrate credibility through a website. Also, with a custom landing page you can have your other ad channels retarget these visitors, and you can only retarget on facebook with the lead generation form. Regardless this is a great option for testing and still delivers great results.


Targeting won't set your ad apart, but if done incorrectly, those most interested in your services will never see you. Targeting strategies vary on how densely populated your surrounding area. Here I will lay out the most effective targeting strategies for chiropractic ads.


The most important targeting option. Best practice here is to put in the address of your clinic, and target the 5 mile radius. You want to keep your audience above 10000 minimum, if 5 miles is to narrow you can do 10 miles. Other options here are targeting your city, nearby cities if you are a small city, or zip codes.


Interests will help narrow your audience to those most interested in your treatment. These are especially useful if you are in a big city where the population is large enough to hyper-target by interest. Do your research on the best interest and AB test your ad groups. Interests that have worked for us include "back pain, "chiropractor", and "shoulder pain". If your audience becomes too small you can go broader with options like "health", "health and fitness", "healthy lifestyle".


For chiropractor Facebook ads we find ages 30+ deliver the best results. This may be different depending on your surrounding area so you can test lowering as low as 24.

Income Level

This is especially important when running ads that give away affordable services. You want to make sure the clients you bring through ads can ultimately afford your services.


Lookalike audiences can be your most powerful targeting option. Your most valuable existing prospects match with the people most similar to them based on a variety of attributes including interests, lifestyle, income, age, and much more, even Facebook doesn't disclose the full story. You can start with a client list you already have, an email list, your website visitors, or if you do not have enough prospects there, you can first run ads and then make a lookalike of those who clicked or took an action on the ads, like left a comment. Once you have a list together simply upload it and let Facebook to the work of finding similar viewers.


An effective ad strategy is always supplemented with retargeting. This means taking those prospects that are on the edge of booking with you, and giving them that final nudge to make them into your clients. You can retarget website visitors, viewers of a specific landing page, or even those that have watched half your ad video and did not book. Do you have a client list of those who have not used your service in a long time, upload the list and retarget them with an offer that will bring them back in the door. This ensures no one is left behind, and these leads should generally be cheaper for you, since the prospects have already interacted with your business at some point.

Negative Targeting

Just like you choose who you want to show your ads to, you can also do the opposite. When is this useful? People that have already converted to your prior ads may be searching for more freebies. You can upload a list of everyone that has filled out your booking form to ensure those prospects do not see your ads again, saving you ad spend. You may also negatively target those in the chiropractic industry and those with the job title "chiropractor". This is especially important with interest audiences and lookalikes, because Facebook will deem your competition to be interested in your service, therefore wasting your ad dollars and giving them a peek at your successful ads. Finally you can target income levels that you know cannot afford your service. Following these best negative targeting practices will save you ad dollars and avoid ineffective traffic.

Chiropractor Facebook Ads and marketing images of ribs and spine.
Chiropractor Spine and Ribs

CG Digital Media Can Help

If you have any questions about the strategies we discussed, give us a call or shoot us a message and we will be happy to discuss with you.

If you are too occupied and would like truly professional advertising that works for you, we offer a fully managed solution. We work with you to create a fully custom advertising plan and manage your marketing 100%. We expose you to all the top marketing channels to make sure you're present in front of potential customers. All of our creatives are done in-house, resulting in beautiful writing, images, pages, and videos that represent the quality of your treatment.

You can view more testimonials here. For specifics about the services we offer, visit our services page or give us a call at (855) 909-0908. We look forward to working with you.

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