Seven year background in digital marketing across industries ranging from healthcare to bathroom accessories, and everything in between. Known for 1000% ROAS for a toilet paper holder. I have worked with dozens of companies bringing their services into the digital space. Expert in all the main digital marketing channels including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. When I manage your budget, it becomes my own. I have spent most of my career working closely with healthcare companies, developing seamless marketing solutions that work.


Claire has a healthy background in sales and management for over 7 years, she built rapport working as a sales rep and climbed up the ladder to manage teams across the U.S. managing one of Business Insider’s “Top 50 start-ups in the U.S.” in the RaaS and construction spaces. She is known as a “Quota Crusher” by implementing techniques that rely on a Human:Human approach as well as an expert knowledge of products/business. After finding success in the start-up world, she moved over to the SaaS world where she was coached and mentored by some of the best SaaS solution engineers and CEO’s and currently manages enterprise accounts for a Broadcast Media space. Claire has affiliations and is a part of some of the most successful software sales communities in the world such as CO-OP, MemoryBlue Academy, SDR Nation, SFSU’s President’s Leadership Fellowship, Always Hired and SDReady. Her motto throughout her career is “Sell something, you make a sale. Create a relationship, you will be profitable forever”


Sales and marketing experts came together to create CGDM. We saw a disconnect between the lead volume marketing demands and the lead quality sales necessitates, which results in a cycle of leads with low ROI. Our goal was to create an agency that addresses both sales and marketing needs, producing optimized hot leads.

We are a marketing firm that reintroduces the human element to advertising. Deep industry knowledge ensures our efforts are focused on your business, providing a specialized experience for your potential clients. We are unique in that our plan is 100% customized to your specific needs, and there is no commitment to contracts or minimums, resulting in a catered solution that keeps working for you.